handy hints for life


there are 2 kinds of bike valves out there.  which you use depends on the size of the

hole in your rim. but don’t wait for the bike guy to tell you that. presta is the smaller hole. to remember, use your alliteration. presta is pointy. schrader is stout.

when figuring out when it’s truly appropriate to gripe about the weather, don’t refer to temperature or even humidity. it’s all about the dew point. the closer the dew point is to the temp, the more uncomfortable it is. or as my mom says....”aw gawd. it’s muggy.”

like  gardening without gloves, but don’t like unsightly dirty fingernails at happy hour? dig your nails into a bar of soap before digging in the dirt. the soap goes where the dirt wants to, and when it’s quittin time, you’re a nail brushing away from sparkling nails.

a bag of chips affect more than just your waistline, it can affect your whole future! once you’ve inhaled that just-opened goodness, find a folded chip. those are wish chips. fit the whole thing in your mouth without breaking it and your wish will come true!